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greatest is love ♪ ♪ the gatest is love where were you when the world stopped turning on that september day ♪ >> a conversation uni to here between a christian minister and a muslim imam. and perhaps the clearest voice is on handling a terror attack
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coming fm young people who lost their moms and dads nine years ago today. you'll hear furrom tuesday's children later this hour. >> good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us. 9/11 nine years vilater. here is the view in new york city right now at this moment. the familiar tribute in light snell synonymous with ground zero, symbolizing the fall in towers of the world trade center and serving as a silent reminder of the nearlypeople who died in the terror attacks. earlier in new york at the pentagon and at a quiet field in pennsylvania, solemn ceremonies marked the moments when hijackers took control of four airliners and took aim at american's political and financial capitals. the nation has changed in many ways since then. some of the change is obvious. others more so. we start with this morning's gathering of families and loved ones in manhattan, clutching photos and fighting back tears.
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newyork fell silent at 8:46 a.m. and again at 9:03, the moments when two jets crashed into the twin towers. acre moment reminiscent of the one that dawned nine use ago. the area remembers a construction senite full of equipment and full of grand plans for a fitting memorial. >> leeann @ lehr. >> daniel thomas awfully tough. >> what has a become an annual custom, the names of the 2, as 752 people who ed at the world trade center site cowher read aloud and their lod ones t remember. president obama traveled outside washington to the pentagon and he joined the crowd gathered to nor the 184 people killed 1 american airlines flight 77 struck that massive building. mr. obama talked about the attacks and how americans continue to respond. >> perpetrators of this evil act didn'tac simply attack arica. they attacked the very idea of
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america itself. all hat we stand for and represent in the world. so the highest honor we can pay those we lost, indeedst our greatest weapon in this ongoing war, is to do what our adversaries fear the most -- stayed true to who we are americans. renew our sense of common purpose. to say that we define the character of our country. we will not let the acts of some small band of murderersnd who slaughtered the innocent and cower in caves and distort who we are. >> hinch thanks bill, pa. first lady michelle obama and her predecessor laura bush are gathered at the site of a fure memorial to the passengers and crew of united flight 93. they talked about courage and help the people who boarded that
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plane strangers came together as one to battle the hijackers. >>or them, putting others before them selves was nothing new, because they were veterans and coaches and volunteers of all sorts of causes. and to this day, they remind us not just by hal they gave their lives, but by how they lived their lives, that being a hero is not just a matter of feet. it's a matter of choice. >> thisac peaceful place was no chosen by the terrorists. orey had other targets for their violence and hate. this spot was chosen by the passengers of flight 93, whose spare our country from even greater horrors. >> mrs. obama and mrs. bush met with families of the 40 people who died at the shantz
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mill site. after the 9/11 ceremons morning turned to protests in new york. >> a the center of this controversy, the mosque and community center been proposed two blocks from ground zero. as our susan candiotti reports, demonstrators on both sides used this anniversary to make their points. >> we're just a few blocks away from ground zero and those dual in rallies both for ande agains the proposed islamic center and moow. the rallies were peaceful and ey were passionate and they were kept about a block apart from each other. those who support the idea of that islamic center and moscow say that it is a matter of freedom of religion and that the muslim faith cannot be condemned as a whole for the actions of a few. >> we think the sullom days should not be used towhip up bigotry and racism. we should not forget that it was after the bombing of pearl harbor in world war ii that that
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same kind of bigotry was brought up to intern hundreds of thousands of japanese and california. that's something we want to stggle against. >> some say a mosque so close to ground zero would be a slap in the face to the memory of those killed on 9/11. >> my constitution has been hijacked. i do not believe that all muslims arterrorists. i believe that these muslims are terrorists. >> those emotions didn't just played out during the rallies. there were also impromptu sidewalk debates. >> what's going on? >> we believe in the same document. just said you believe in the constitution. >> i do believe in the constitution. >> it's all jumping out of buildings,we people were disintegrating. >> terrorists. can't blame muslims. >> if they had the respect that they claim they have. >> why should they have to apologize for the actions? >> i would rather see no church van a mosque right where people are going. >> at the end of the day it
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didn't appear there was any room for compromise and it's on clear whether that will >> susan candiotti think very much. on this date of 9/11 tribute's a flida minister was supposed to burn the car ron asai a stateme against muslim radicals but pastor terry jones announced this morning he won't burn the coal ron now or in the future. he said he changed his mind after saying heth wants to meet the team on behind the ground zero. ll several religious leaders tell cnn that did not happen attoday what have we learned if anything about faith and about ourselves from this controversy? up next we'll talk with two religious leaders about what it means to people faiths. also the death toll could rise and some are saying it could take more than a year to figure out what caused that horrific natural gas explosion in nortrn california. >> 18 months for a pipelinefrna frankly unacceptable. we need to now. >> bad news coming again as the
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purina one with smartblend. discover what one can do. now available at petsmart. bruno, calif. two days after the rupture of a gas line set a blaze that all but incinerated a neighborhood. four people are confirmed dead so far and residents can only wait and mourn the dead while investigators search for answers. >> surveillance video from inside lennar the's grocery store, a quarter mile from the explosion, shows the power of hen chaos. nd t watch closely. at first people stop what
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they're doing. than a few seconds later the doors are literally pushed in by the force of the explosion. frantic customers are seen running from one of the exits while others tried desperately to get out of the store. one of ol the victims, 20-year jessica morales, worked at this very store. jessica's friend dana hernandez showeds just's face book page which today is filled with condolence message is. according to dana, jessica's boyfriend who is hospitalized with third degree burns was with jessica when she died. >> he tried to go back in and save her but he couldn't do anything because the fire i guess was tting to her. >> at least four people lost thr lives in this tragedy and cadaver dogs are being used to search for the missing. but because of the intensity of the blast it is possible investigators say the missing if they were killed me never be found. meanwhile, pressure is building for answers as to exactly what could have caused this
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explosion. >> many estions must be answered by alwhl of us. whose job it is to protect our people. what was the cause of this blast? of course, first and foremost. were there reports that there were odours escaping from the pipeline? if there were those reports, what actions took place in response to those complaints? does danger lies in similar pipelines in populated areas? is there enoh monitoring going on. >> the local gas company sayg s they're scouring through records to verify reports that people smelled gas in the days before the explosion. more than a thousand people showed up to a community meeting, many of them demanding answasto to when they'd be able to get backo into their homes, and if their neighborhood is tru safe. >> cnn's ted rawlins joins us from california with t very latest. what are we hearing? are you hearing anything about those remains that they found this morning? no, well, we got a little bit
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of an update. there has kind of been back-and-forth. this morning we were told that two sets of remains were found but now they're backing off because they haven't confirmed that the remains that were founn were human remains. that's why the death toll is now still at four. the amount of missing people has risen. there are now five people that are unaccounted for that they are still looking for. >> what about the costs? so far no cause? people want answers. what's been done for those people who lost their he and to try to figure out what's going on with the cause? >> well, they are being offered from the powe company assistance in the short term. all the people that have lost their homes have been given assistance for housing and food, etc. in the short term here. the state is helping them in terms of long-term things that are in place. but p at this point it's all. and e helping these folks in the short term, and tons of the nation coming in today.
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>> said it's going to take some time for them to find out exactly what happened. so the question is can they promise that the other communities it serves are safe? >> you know, that's the big question here. obviously a tragedy for these people that have been affected but it is really had a lot of people across the country really asking and i say. do i have one o these pipelines under my home and how old is it? this was a line that apparently was due for repair and had been deemed one of those lines that was a concern. th's the big questi here. the ntsb is leading this investigation. those are the answers people want not only here but also around the country. >> thanks. a bus on fire and out of control. i want you to take a look at this. someone hijacked a bus in kansas and poce started a chased. wait till you see how this ended. florida gov. charlie crist fighting for a senate seat, has another battle on his hands. why the republican partf
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but >> time n for a c n n equals politics update. we're keeping an eye on all the latesteadlines on the political ticker and here is what's crossing right now. things aretietng a littleee testy between california governor arnold schwarzenegger and former alaska governor sara palin. during a flight that took him over alaska, schwarzenegger tweeted that he could not see russia. that's a referce to a line from a saturday night live skit that made fun of palin. palin responded saying schwarzenegger should have landed since she could explain how a state could have a budget surplus, of course, making fun of california at huge budget prlems. the democrats' senate majority could shrink before the new congress is seated nextan janua. e three specia elections in november to fill seats inur the current congress if a repubcan wins any of these races it would weaken the majority if the current session of congress continuests work
1:19 am
past election day. we have a developing story to tell you tonight out of florida. cnn has confirmed the state republican party is looking ito expenses charged by governor charlie crist and is evenui considering a lawsuit to get the money back. chris as you know is now running for the senate as an independent. see an end is in sarasota tonight. thanks for joining us. y are florida republicans going after charlie crist's spendingit habs? >> this goes back almost tthe beginning of the year. the former chairman of the republican party of florida, jim greer, has been indicted for money laundering. that led the republican party to sort of launch the independent investigation into how the party was spending its money. the reason charlie christie's involved here is because jim greer was charlie crist's ally. he was appointed to the party by charlie crist. now they met today in orlando and ha ge through financials again and today came out and said tharl they think charlie
1:20 am
crist inappropriately charged hundreds of thousands of dollars for inappropriate travel expenses and worth was consulting contracts for the party. they are threatening the possibility of a lawsuit to get that money back. >> he was a regular on the show, frequent regular on the show. he would come on to talkes abou issues concerning the republican party. what about the republican political rally down there in florida today? is it 9/11, a day where politics are put aside? >> it was sort of curious. there was a big rally in sarasota, where i am today. the gubernatorial candidate rick ott and senate candidate marco rubio, a gop superstar. republican candidates all up and down the ballot gathered here and railed against president obama, obama care, taxes, spending, all of these things. it was interesting because as we saw weaken up this morning, michele obama and laura bush in pennsylvania, traditionally a day where people reflect on
1:21 am
september 11th and don't inject politics. but the people i talked to in the crowd made no apologies for this. they said president obama is taking the country in the wrong direction and they'ret standing up for what they believe in. >> thank you so much. that is your see an end equals politics update. makeure you log on to see an end coming up on cnn and an incredible story of bravery. this soldier risk his life to eill a fellow comrade to safety and save another from being captured by enemy forces. t now he'll be the first living service member from the wars in iraq and afghanistan to receive our nation's topilitary honor. plus, growing up in the shadow of a defining american tragedy. meek two of the thousands of children who lost parents on 9/11. we get double miles every time we use our card. no matter what we're buying. and since double miles add up quick... romans! get em! [ garth ] ...we can bring thwhole gang. [ sheep bleats ] it's hard to beat double miles. whoa -- he's on the list. but we're with him. [ male announcer ] introducing the venture card
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>> even after nine years it is difficult to find the rightre words of condolence for children who lost parents on 9/11. many of them are now adults themselves. the course of their lives permanently changed, but these young people can find support in tuesday's children. it's a group created for them in the wake of the attacks. two of the members lost their father in the world ade center on 9/11. they tell uhows tuesday's children helped tm cope while drawing up. >> tuesday's children was started right in the wake of 9/11er by family members that we actually sitting in the audience
1:25 am
of the congregations of funeral service for one of the families. the priest asked who is going to stand up for the children of 9/11 through adulthood. people in the congregation stood were the e of them founders of 9/11. our mission is to see our children straight through all the way to adulthood. we h if you will, remaining charity that is still viscerally connected and committed to see in our kids become fully functioning members of society. >> you' 25 now. to the oldest of seven kids but you were 16 when the attacks happened. how has tuesday's children helped u.s. you have grown int adulthood? >> they've really managed to tr make it a seamless transition, whether or not you are still grieving more ready to move forward. they've provided programs that have helped you, whatever stage you are. >> bridget, you're 21 now but you were only 12 at the time and
1:26 am
how well do you remember your father? >> that's kind of hard. at 12 years old you n't really remember much. it's been nine years now also the memories kind of fade, but my family and i like to keep my dad's memory alive telling stories about him and just remembering him. >> did tuesday's children help you through the grieving process? >> absolutely. i went through the helping heals program. we went to custer rica and did mmunity service project. basically it's the idea that by doing community service and helping other people you help yourself andelp yourself through that grieving process. it really did work. >> it did. what's your message to children who have lost parents to terrorism? not just 9/11 but to terrorism? >> i would say that this isn't thone event that's going to
1:27 am
define your life. so often i wou goo da to day thinking that i sby wastigmatiz by the fact that i lost my dad on such a natural catastrophe. and i think that i would just say to other children who have lost a loved one in an act of terrorism, to say that this isn't at is going to be themp most important thing in your life. it will be something that is very important to you but there are so many other beautiful things that will define you. >> i see you nodding your head. you agree? >> i agree. my mesge would be for give. it's not the end of the world no and you know what, you can't live your life be an upset and mad all the time. >> talk more about that because i think those are words that we all need to here, not only america but the world meet to hear. why do you say for give and don't le your life be and that all the time? >> it's just -- it weighs you down. it's not a way to live life.
1:28 am
it's somethg that really can affect you if you let it, and in time you need to let it -- let yourself for give. forgive wh has happened. >> david, you hear these young women speak like that, especially on such an occasion that many would view as somber, what does it do to you? >> we're incredibly proud them. the fact is that these kids -- they are emblematic how terrorism won't win in this country. >> thanks to our guests there. about-face. iraq has decided not to release one of three american hikers who have been imprisoned in there since july of last. i'll tell you why, next. plus a live picture of the tribune in light shining at ground zero to remember the nearly 3,000 people w died at thworld trade center 9 years ago today. thanks to our eye recorders, we'll take a look ahot arw othe
1:29 am
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>> there is a live look right now at the tribute in light shining in new york city tonight. twin beams extending into the
1:32 am
sky where the world trade center towers stood until exactly 9 years ago. and of course you didn't need to live close to the attacks to be deeply affected by them. bagpes at a ceremony in skokie, illinois, shot by one of our reporters. a smal service, only about two dozen people showed up, but a reminder tha the entire country has something to mourn today. 2,000 miles away a stunning tribute captured by another i report at pepperdine, university in malibu, california. students, faculty and volunteers planted nearly 3,000 flags, one for every life lost 9 years ago. a lawyer for an american detained in iraq and says the emotions of her family are being abused by authorities. the 1 seemed to be close to freedom this week. that was before officialsn tehran had an apparent change of heart. cnn and it's eyes and watch it explains what might have
1:33 am
motivated their decision to keep her in prison. >> reversal by the iranian government that the sure to come asth a devastating blow to the family. she is one of three american hikers who had beeimprisoned in iraq for more than a year after the iranian government claimed that they crossed the border from iraq into iraq immediately. all three have been charged with being spies. on thursday the culture ministry ofhe iranian government reached out to journalists in tehran and invited them to ceremony on saturday at 8 here on hotel that was to be attended by iranian vice-president and sarah was to be relnease in honor of the muslim holiday. really 24 hours later the prosecor general announced that the release had been canceled. he claimed that the authorities hadot worked according to do process. we know that sarah, unlike thel male counterparts, is being kept in mostly solitary confinement
1:34 am
except for about an hour a day where she is allowed to meet with her two american coe prisoners. we spoke earlier on saturday with an irani and dissident here in turkey by telephone this says last year she spent some time in a neighboring cell to sarah. take a listen to what she had to say. >> i remember sara singing. she said i am a singer and her voice was very, very beautshe s miss my mom. and sometimes she cried and then i heard her cry and. >> the family of cerros says she's suffering from he alth problems, that she has a cervical problemhat she recently discovered a lump in
1:35 am
her breast. well, heard defense attorney has spoken with see an end. he is arguing that there is a disagreent between rival branches in the iranian government over just what to do with this american prisoner. >> our thanks to ivan walked in. coming up. >> i think peopleave to have in this moment of despair and crisis, have to have a secure place, a sanctuary of peace and love, where healing goes on. >> juarez, mexico, is the murder but one f the wor, grandmother ignores t danger costa provide a safe haven for patients at a hospital she founded. financing their fleet, sharing our expertise, and working with people who are changing the face of business in america. after 25 years in the aviation business,
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>> it's time to check the top ories on cnn. army staff sergeant salvatore june that is going to recve the nation's highest award for valor. he's the first living recipients from iraq and afghanistan to rn the medal of honor. helped save one soldier during an attack in afghanistan and
1:39 am
saved another as two tallet and fighters were capturing him. fewer than 3500 medals of honor have been awarded since the civil war. the sted blowout preventer from the gulf oil disaster is now in the hands of investigators in new orleans. authorities used a barge to move into the city along the mississippi with her. cruise yanked it off the ocean for a week ago. now investigators will l took i over to try to find out why it failed in llapril, spilling millions of gallons of oil into the water. kentucky police have identifie the gunmane whkilled five ople before turning the gun on himself. 47-year-old stanley niece's victims included his wife and stepson. police say the shooting followed a domestic dispute in a mile home in rural eastern kentucky near jackson. four people died today when a double decker bus crashed into a railroad overpass in new york. the ma a bus company says a dozen others were hurt when the bus failed to clearov the low or pass. officials say the bus heading to toronto was not on its
1:40 am
designated route when the accident happened but did not explain why. mb has launched an investigation to the accident. the camera on the dashboard of a police car gives a front-row view to a bus hijacking. officers in kansas city, kansas, say the hijacker forced the driver off the city bus on friday and our affiliate reports and other six people escapes before the man took off alone. officers arrested him about 30 minutes later when a tire on the bus caught fire, and in the chase. there have beenearly 2,000 homicides in juarez, mexico, just this year, including 25 on thursday, one of the deadliest days since a reading drug war began. seven of those victims were women and girls. despite the unending violence a 75-year-old grandmother crosses the u.s. border into juarez almost daily to check on patients at a hospital she started. meet this week's cnn and hero. hernandez guadalupe de la vega.
1:41 am
>> warriors was a very nice place and now nobody can go out. 51 were killed. in this monumental crisis, peop have to have a secure plwhace ere dealing goes on. my name is guadalupe de la vega. i started the hospital dale off amelia. i go to juarez sometimes five times a week. we have been working there for 37 years with the community. every day we have 1,000 people. some of them can pay, some of them cannot pay, but we don't turni anybody away. i want the violence to stop. everybody is affected. people have become paralyzed by
1:42 am
fear. our hospital has not been touched. our doctors have not been kidnapped. th is a miracle, believe me, and everybody knows that's a place for healing, for loving, for empowering people. i believe that healt oh is the most important of the human rights. life is all about empowering people and it's very important to have an institution giving them hope for>> the future. still ahead here on cnn. >> i'm not talking about burning a crucifix. i'm talking about burning christ jesus and muslims regard it on the same level. >> the recent threat of burning the carom. frightened u.s. leaders fearing for the safety of our rtroops. whateh bind the radical thinking that nearly guantees violence if this holy book is
1:43 am
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>> in tonight's what matters, a deeper look into the controversy over the burning of the koran. floridpastor terry jones created an uproar when he announced he was going to do it today. this morning he said he was cancelling those plans. while the act itself would be despicable, the reaction to it was what worried psi esd military leaders. what is it thamerely guarantees muslim radicals will commit violence if they see someone burning the koran? to find answers i spoke with reverend jimro wallace from a network of social justice christians and an e mom who leads the lanta must heed of alice long. >> it would be a sacrilegious move if over a billion muslims
1:47 am
sacred word of god. od, the it's just such a total disrespect that it really puts america in that position. just as when people hear, extremists in islam, chanting death to america, they think that all muslims are lat and when muslims hero the creature getting ready to burn the koran they begin to think that all americans or all christians are le that. >> it's not the same reaction someone brings a bible, burn a flag. not the same violent reaction. >> mlims regard the koran as the word of god. not something that was written by profit bahama doran anybody else, but revealed by god. the sacred scriptures in there, rev. re the koran before he said he never touched a koran, he received some of the most beautiful scripture about jesus christ. understand what y'rng but how does thxplain the violence that happens by burning
1:48 am
a book? >> here is a theological connection. i don't know if everybody is ready for theologians to understand this. as christians look at christ jesus as being a word from god, muslims look at the koran as being a word from god. so i'm not talking about burning a cross it. i'm talking about, would you burn christ jesus. muslims regard on the same level as burning the koran, burning the word of god. >> this pastor said i wanted to send a message and the message was onef of hatred. so christians said no, this is not our faith. it doesn't resemble our faith. shamon you for doing this. i'll tell you, christians would be upset if people burn the bible but i think this pastor our n effect burning bibles, too. he was burning the teachings of jesus. he was disregarding what jesus said and did. so hrabu kon burning was like a
1:49 am
bible burning at the same time. but he was extreme marginal figure and the good news is the cent came gether across the boundaries and said this is nott fair. this isn't our faith. this is what i'd ke. i'd like seeing and to covered the thousandsco of interfaith conversations and service projects that i see all the time, that don't get much attention. what gets attention is a marginal figure dne -- threatening a hate crime and that gets attention. the extremes from caves in afghanistan or florida pastors are the ones that get the attention but in the middle a lot of people are coming together in verhopeful way is. >> there is some truth to that and i'm sure a lot of people would like to see many things covered, but we do have to cover here in the news what people are talking about. people are interested in this and it has created a controversy as we talked about from the mosque situation to this. you cannot deny its news value. the interesting thing is what i
1:50 am
haven't got, what i don't understand, and maybe it's just me and my thick head, of where religion is supposed to be about peace. let's just say some knucehead wants to burn a bobble, burn a koran. why would that spark violence? why wouldn't it be a peaceful turn the other cheekin a sense? i'm going to let you respond to that. >> you know again, what i'm saying, in the middle of the country,n the middle of our hearts and faith, people are responding in just that way. but you say it's what people are talking about. apeople talk about things they hear on tv. six month ago the mosque was not a controversy. the cultural center. so she said her concern a few months ago was whether there would be enough stroller space in the cultural center. >> you've got to be respectful of the time here because we've
1:51 am
got someone else who needsge to get in. >> i agr with reverend jim wallace. what the response has been, muslims, christians, juice, buddhists, hindus. all complete there and say this is not an act that any of us can support. we can't stand by and be done. the other point that you might register with is freedom of speech, we understand it, and you can do these freedom oonf expression. you ca be free to be ignorant here in america. but you still don't holler out fire in a theater. here is the world theater that this ms an isaying he will burn a koran, and to the rest of the muslim world, one billion strong, it's like coloring fire in a world theater. >> coming up here on cnn documenting the event that ground zero. how one and used his job as the official fire department photographer at ground zero to
1:52 am
honor the rescuers and those that died on that terrible day. ♪ [ female announcer ] good friends never run out of things to talk about... and during endless shrimp at red lobster, you can keep the conversation going over endless servings of your favorite shrimp. from classics like garlic shrimp scampi and decadent shrimp pasta... to new creations, like crunchy parmesan shrimp. r best value of the year, endless reasons to get together. during endless shrimp, right now at red lobster.
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>> every week and we ke to bring you interesting news items that you may have missed during the week. the first story is california. it made its crackdown on child rapists official this week. governor arnold for tonight your signed chelsea's lot into the books. the law requires life without parole for people convicted of forcible sex acts against a child and mandates life long tracking of habitualex offenders. the ball is named after fechels came. convicted sex offender john gardner pleaded guilty in april to sexually assaulting and murdering chelsea as well as another 14-year old. take a close look at this next video. it's a young girl running after a ball in the street or is it? it's part of a traffic safety campaign in canada designed to ate drivers slow down high risk intersections. it's actlluay a decal on the pavement that creates a 3 d illusion.
1:56 am
reaction has been mixed. someeople worry it may cause sivers we rve hit something else or eventually become immune to the image and hit an actual child in the roadway. it's twenty four million miles away b the planet venus is visible tonight and tomorrow. really cool story. check outto these photos from o of our reporters in pensacola, florida. he spottevenous next to the crescent moon last night without a telescope. the planetarium in michigan reports tomorrow should ofer an extra special celestial treat. you'll be able to see venus and jupiter about 30 minutes after sunset. l. t is pretty coo there is still no moral or museum that ground zero, nine years after theat tack but gary is tired of waiting. he wasap the official photograpr for the new york firefighters union during the recovery efforts. he pulled together images and artifacts to create his own tributes. seeing and producer david garret takes us inside. >> youant to put those on.
1:57 am
>> gound zero museum workshop features 100 images and artifacts from the groun zero covery period. we are arguably the smallest museum in new york city. people come from all over the world to listen to these stories, to gain a greater understanding of what life was silike inside ground zero. for six month saw was that ground zero documenting about 19 hours per day. the first thought that comes to mind when we think of 9/11 is death, terrorists. however, the recovery brought out the very best in human beings. coming here, theye getting an insider's perspective on what life was like, and oftentimes that is not with tears. you didn't have to lose someone on september 11th in order to be affected or to feel the pain of what happened. each artifact has its l own lite
1:58 am
story. it could be a doorknob. it could be a piece of glass or a piece of steel. the clock stopped at 10:02 markg the collapse of the first tower. today is tuesday, september 11th calendar. pa train ound in a subway. i wasn't given permission to save those artifacts. my only regret was that i didn't save more of them a little bit sooner. there is a photograph i shot of a firefighter kneeling in the dirt at ground zero that just kind of sums up the emotions of that time period. get a good rate? >> i'm an actor and a playwright by trade. i encounter so many characters, iduals ttpecial indiv ground zero. i was inired to write an original play for the stage called american brother. we've done several readings of the play. >> how long have you been at ground zero? >> how long? since the collapse. >> american brother is basedue ue event.
1:59 am
but it surrounds a fictional firefighr, leo cappy leo is a firefighter who has lost his brother. leo was an nypd officer and he refuses to leave ground zero. >> the terrorists took her brother with from you. i am sorry. if you staygo'r here any longer they're going to get the best of the, too. >> don't ever say that to me ever. they can't hurt me. got it? >> very hateful toward the world. very angry. he feels guilty for the death of his brother. >> he called again a few minutes later. he said i'm in the tower and he was going to go home. i told him stay away. he didn't listen. >> he is an amalgam of hundreds of firefighters that i mapped, digging for the missing sons, brothers, fathers, fire house members. i think both the museum and american brother, the plate, both have to do with love that came out of america and the world in support of all tse families that were

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